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Greens launch Senedd manifesto in Newport

  • Green manifesto sets out plans to “secure Wales’ future” by building 12,000 affordable homes, a community model for healthcare and advocating for a Universal Basic Income.
  • Their Green Transformation Fund promises to invest locally in communities and create tens of thousands of Green jobs.

The Wales Green Party has launched their manifesto for the Senedd elections this May in an event at Belle Vue Park in Newport. The manifesto sets out the party’s plan to “transform Wales”, building a secure future through investment in 12,000 truly affordable new homes, a community model for health care, and advocating for a universal basic income.

They also proposed their Green Transformation Fund – investing money into communities to create tens of thousands of new Green jobs, and raising necessary finance to support their bold plans for a more secure and equal future for Wales.

Amelia Womack – Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, lead candidate on the South Wales East regional list, and constituency candidate for Newport West – said “I am proud to announce an exciting manifesto which presents a sensible plan to ensure Wales has a secure future. As we recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19, it is clear we cannot simply return to business as usual.”

“With the fairer voting system on the second, regional ballot in these elections, we know that Greens can be elected – and must be, otherwise there’s a risk that far-right parties will be elected instead, whose only goals seem to be to disrupt Welsh democracy.”

“With Labour not able to win a regional seat in almost all of Wales, it’s vital people who traditionally vote Labour lend this vote to the Greens, ensuring accountability in the Senedd, and keeping out far-right parties.”



The Wales Green Party manifesto can be found here:

For more information, contact Lauren James,, 07825 699 023