How to volunteer for Gwent Green Party


Volunteering for Gwent Green Party couldn't be easier - there's something everyone can do. You can sign up in three easy steps:


  1. Get in touch with us via this form to tell us you'd like to volunteer
  2. Someone will be in touch within 7 days give you all the advice and training you need to get started
  3. We hit the ground running and get Amelia elected!

If you have any questions about the types of activities available, email us at

Roles Available

Thank you for taking the next step in becoming a Green party volunteer.

Have a look at the key roles we are recruiting for and see if you think any of them are for you. All roles will be working alongside the South Wales East Leadership Campaign Team and the list candidates from Gwent for the Senedd 2021.

Press officer and media liaison

Work closely on content and coordination with Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of Green Party for England and Wales, to maximise our profile in the region and across Wales through the all media. This is a critical role to support our lead list candidate and our best bet for the Senedd.

Supporter communications coordinator

Work with the regional team to plan and deliver communications with members and supporters, using targeted email and supporting channels. You'll have access to our Action Network campaign tool and coaching and mentoring from team specialists. If you're interested in marketing you couldn't have a better opportunity to make a difference and learn on the way!

Volunteer & phone bank coordinator

A real people person is needed to recruit, welcome and place volunteers. It will include organising phone banks to contact members, supporters and voters. If you like talking to people and would love to spread the good news about our plans and ambitions then this is right up your street.

Council campaign coordinators

These roles are at a local level and we are looking for six individuals, one in each area. You will be responsible for driving and coordinating engagement with voters in the area through leafleting and canvassing. It would involve recruiting delivery coordinators in target and development wards, writing content for local newsletters and leaflets, identifying local issues and relaying them to leadership team. Basically oiling the wheels of the campaign in your area - right in the thick of things.

Newport West 2019

"Be part of our growing influence. Make your time count!"

Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of Green Party of England and Wales and lead list candidate for South Wales East.

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