Wales Green Party calls for Westminster to cease all subsidies to oil and gas with immediate effect

09 January 2017

The Financial Times reports today that the UK faces a bill of £24 billion for shutting North Sea fields. The Wales Green Party is calling for subsidies on all fossil fuels to be removed. Fossil fuel subsidies are the main obstacle to the growth of renewable energy.

Pippa Bartolotti, former leader of the Wales Green Party, responded to the M4 Public Inquiry

01 November 2016

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is unprecedented in its emphasis on how an urgent and rapid transition away from fossil fuels is crucial in order to avoid dangerous climate change. A truly sustainable transport network would be frequent, affordable and clean. The proposed M4 upgrade does not correspond with any of these requirements.”

Welsh Government Delays Freedom of Information Requests on M4 Black Route.

17 September 2016

We know the Welsh Government is heavily backing the Black Route, but Greens are pressing to ensure they are not spreading disinformation in order to get their way. We’ve had enough of that with Brexit.

Wales Young Greens Co-convener Contesting in Gilfach By-Election

14 September 2016

Mx Andrew Creak, 19, has been selected and nominated as the Wales Green Party candidate in the Gilfach (Caerphilly County Borough Council) by-election on the 6th October. Creak, who is the co-convener of the youth and student branch of the Green Party in Wales and the Welsh Green Pride spokesperson, contested the Caerphilly constituency seat in the recent National Assembly for Wales election in May, increasing the party’s vote share to a new high.

Don’t Change the Boundaries, Fix the System, say Greens.

13 September 2016

At the moment we have a Parliament in which a party’s share of the seats bears little relationship to the number of votes they actually received. 83% of developed democracies use some form of Proportional Representation Voters and non-voters alike know that Parliament is unrepresentative of the people who do actually vote. It’s hardly surprising that many choose not to vote.

A Post Brexit Economy for Wales

03 August 2016

The £500m being borrowed to finance the wasteful and misguided M4 Black Route uses all our borrowing powers at once, with no tangible return on investment. It makes much more economic sense to use that money for a Renewables Investment Fund which would provide a good rate of return and facilitate thousands of new jobs and new businesses.

Green Party challenges financial sustainability of Welsh Government M4 plan

20 July 2016

Current Black Route plans are dubious and based on little more than assumptions, say Gwent Greens.

Co-Convener of Wales Young Greens Shows Support to Nationwide ‘Greener In’ Campaign This Saturday

20 May 2016

It is the voice of the young people in both England and Wales that will prove powerful in deciding whether we stay or leave.

No to Schools on Flood Plains

17 May 2016

We have to be sure all new schools are completely safe. There is no balance between putting our children at risk, and populist demands.

Selling Nature Short for the M4

21 April 2016

“The phrase ‘build it and they will come’ has never been truer than in the case of roadbuilding. What Newport needs is a top class light rail system to get people off the roads and into a sustainable future fit for our children.”

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