Green deputy leader selected as Newport West candidate

26 November 2018

Green Party of England and Wales deputy leader Amelia Womack has been selected as the party’s candidate in Newport West in the event of a by-election or snap general election.

Wales Green Party condemns the decision to allow radioactive waste dumped in the Severn Estuary

28 June 2018

Wales Green Party condemns the decision to allow radioactive waste dumped in the Severn Estuary

Carbon Accounting is not Enough

04 October 2017

“With new studies showing that rainforests are now so stressed that they have become net carbon emitters, the window for cutting carbon consumption is closing more quickly than we thought. It is therefore absolutely vital that the Welsh Government not only debates measures to cut carbon, but quickly puts in place measures which will see a quantifiable reduction in the shortest possible time.”

Adequate Transit System or Chaotic Growth

15 August 2017

At stake is more than a faster, cleaner, less crowded version of what we already have. At stake is the entire SE Wales Metro which, if planned properly will relieve the congestion in Newport and Cardiff, liberate the Gwent Valleys.

Green Party announce Candidate for Caerphilly

09 May 2017

"Caerphilly has constantly been let down by our MP. I will speak up for the disadvantaged in our community, the minority groups, and those who have been targeted by the hateful campaigns of the far right movement."

Wales Green Party welcomes snap election

18 April 2017

For too long Tory ideology has forced unnecessary hardship on the poorest and most disadvantaged in Britain, and Greens are looking forwards to being in the vanguard of the movement which demands change.

Wales Green Party Debunks Myths about the Proposed new M4

27 February 2017

“The new traffic reports collated by the Welsh Government for the current M4 show that in 5 years the motorway traffic has only increased by 2,842 journeys. The projected expenditure of the proposed new road is £1.5 billion – that’s more than £5million pounds for every singular extra journey, hardly good value for money. Then we have the collisions report which show that for the stretch of M4 between Castleton and Magor, the collisions reported are actually less than the national average.

Wales Green Party rejects the Wales Bill as insufficient

17 January 2017

Welsh assembly members are voting to support the next stage of devolution outlined in the Wales Bill today.

Wales Green Party Welcomes Positive Findings of Hendry Review on Swansea Lagoon

12 January 2017

A tidal lagoon is much more cost effective than a nuclear reactor, and infinitely less damaging. The lagoon will produce zero carbon electricity with no radioactive waste forced on future generations, and very small decommissioning costs. Even the decommissioning of North Sea oil and gas is estimated to be costing taxpayers an outrageous £24 billion. Theresa May must now stop dithering and give the green light to this industry fit for the future.

Wales Green Party Calls for Westminster to Back a Welsh Green Energy Revolution That Can Lead The World

10 January 2017

When built, the Lagoon will put Swansea, and Wales, firmly on the map at the sharp end of tidal power generation. There will be tremendous opportunities for eco- tourism and a much needed morale boost for the whole of Wales."


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