Green Party announce Candidate for Caerphilly

9 May 2017

Andrew Creak GE 2017

The Wales Green Party has announced that Mx Andrew Creak has been selected as their General Election Candidate for Caerphilly.

Mx Creak also stood as a candidate in the Assembly election last year, the first time Wales Green Party contested the seat. Mx Creak is a young LGBTIQA+ person who has lived in Caerphilly all their life and also works as a Senior Sales Assistant in Caerphilly Town.

He joined the party in the run up to the last general election and has helped greatly with Welsh Green Pride (Wales Green Party’s LGBTIQA+ group) with their campaigns such as the campaign to remove the discriminatory Blood Ban rules stopping men who have sex with men from donating blood.

Mx Creak is also one of the co-chairs of the youth branch of the party in Wales, Wales Young Greens, and is a growing figure within the party.

In regards to being selected as the candidate in Caerphilly, Mx Creak said: “I am honoured to be selected as the Wales Green Party candidate for Caerphilly once again. Caerphilly is where my heart is, and I will be the progressive alternative to fill this seat. Caerphilly has constantly been let down by our MP. I will speak up for the disadvantaged in our community, the minority groups, and those who have been targeted by the hateful campaigns of the far right movement.”

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