Wales Green Party rejects the Wales Bill as insufficient

17 January 2017

Caroline Lucas and Wales Green Party support the devolution of Welsh democracy but reject the Wales Bill in its current form.


Welsh assembly members voted to support the next stage of devolution outlined in the Wales Bill today.


The leader of the Wales Green Party, Alice Hooker-Stroud said:


“Whilst we are pleased that there is acknowledgement that the devolution of Welsh democracy is both necessary and urgent, most of the Wales Bill leaves a lot to be desired.


"In 2011, the people of Wales voted for increased devolution, and as seems to be standard now, the Conservative government have ploughed ahead with their own vision without stopping to determine what it is that people were actually voting for. Did those voting for further devolution in 2011 know this would mean settling for fewer powers than are granted to Scotland and Northern Ireland?


“It is ridiculous if the UK Government believe that this is the "lasting settlement" they promised to the people of Wales."


Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, issued a statement in support of Wales Green Party. She said:


"The Green Party is in favour of subsidiarity, and we believe that where feasible it is right to move power closer to the hands of the people. For this reason, I have consistently voted to increase the powers devolved to Wales in this lacklustre Bill."


Pippa Bartolotti, a deputy leader of the Wales Green Party added: 


“The Wales Bill is ridiculously complicated and there are far too many ‘reserved’ matters. When people voted for a devolved Wales, they did not vote for a Wales which would constantly have to go cap in hand to the Westminster Government for large energy projects, changes to criminal or civil law, and wade through any amount of needlessly complex reserved powers to make changes to fulfil the potential of this country.


“It’s very nice to be able to call our assembly a Parliament, but a Parliament without teeth is no Parliament at all. The Wales Bill does not give us the same constitutional footing as Scotland. Wales deserves no less.”



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