Green Party challenges financial sustainability of Welsh Government M4 plan

20 July 2016

Current Black Route plans are dubious and based on nothing more than assumptions, say Gwent Greens.

The Wales Green Party is the only group so far to put forward questions on finance regarding the proposed M4 Black Route plans. The question of alternative transport has also been addressed by two groups only, one of them being the Greens. Other political parties are yet to announce a presence in the inquiry.

Pippa Bartolotti, speaking after the preliminary meeting, said: “The Black Route shows poor value for money. Using the entire potential borrowing powers of the Welsh Government for just one 19 mile stretch of road will for certain leave projects for the rest of Wales unbuilt. She added: “The apparent problems on the M4 have not been properly investigated or measured. The research does not take into account issues such as the changing work patterns or future driverless car travel. It also appears that the accident figures used are well out of date.

Essential comparatives with the corresponding light rail Metro network have not been done and we will be seeking Freedom of Information evidence for some of the dubious assumptions which have been made to date.”

The Gwent Green Party will be giving evidence at the public Inquiry which is due to start in November 2016 and will last several months. It will be held at the Lysaght Institute and is open to the public.

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