It is the voice of the young people in both England and Wales that will prove powerful in deciding whether we stay or leave.

20 May 2016

Andrew Creak, Wales Young Greens spokesperson based in Caerphilly is campaigning to keep the UK in the European Union.

Creak said: “It is extremely important young people ensure they are registered to vote in this referendum. It is the voice of the young people in both England and Wales that will prove powerful in deciding whether we stay or leave. Young people here in Wales understand that a prosperous future depends on cooperation with our neighbours in Europe. The Wales Green Party is campaigning for a remain vote as it is clear that in order for this cooperation to continue we need to be part of the EU. Otherwise, we will end up spending more money and resources by having to lobby the EU from the outside. Lobbying practises are opaque and hardly democratic. Aren’t we in this situation precisely because we want more democracy?”

Creak also highlighted the uncertainty Wales and the whole of the UK could be facing in the event of Brexit: “I am astonished that the pro-Brexit campaign is so obviously wanting to take a leap into the unknown. We don't know what will happen to the economy, job security or workers rights if we leave the EU. Our financial system is fragile enough as it is. The rights we have achieved thanks to our EU membership, such as paid holiday and maternity leave, will not last one minute in the hands of a conservative government. And do we really want to give up our clean beaches, water and the environment, achieved only because we are part of the EU? It is clear our government has betrayed all the promises regarding the environment so far. It is safe to assume they will continue doing so at the event of Brexit. The UK, and Wales with its beautiful nature, are Greener In.”

He added: “If we leave the EU, we do not know what will happen. I am campaigning for a remain vote to ensure we can play a part in reforming the EU from the inside, whilst maximising the benefits of our membership such as science funding, the environmental controls and freedom of movement. As young people in Wales, we have grown up in a world free of restrictions. Lets appreciate our freedom to travel, learn about other cultures, live in new places and meet people from all over Europe - this referendum shows we can no longer take our rights of freedom for granted. So lets fight for them!”

The deadline for voter registration is 7th June and the referendum takes place 23rd June.

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