We have to be sure all new schools are completely safe. There is no balance between putting our children at risk, and populist demands.

17 May 2016


The plan to upgrade Duffryn High School has been rejected by Newport Council once, and comes to full Council for further voting on Thursday 18th May.

Pippa Bartolotti, a Wales Green Party spokesperson said, “We are heading for too many firsts. April 2016 was the month of highest recorded temperatures on record over land and sea. Record warmth means record sea level rise. Continual, permanent, rise is predicted to take place for at least another 100 years providing we can limit our pollution levels.

Floodplains are supposed to flood. That is their function. Defying nature is always costly and we ought to be making better investments in Newport. NRW have recommended not to build on this site.

Bartolotti added, “No part of the area on the Levels is more than 10 meters above sea level, so we have to use the precautionary principle, and plan for a worst case scenario. The children must come first, now and always.

“I would recommend building this school above the 10 metre mark, on the other side of Duffryn, and possibly utilising some of the Tredegar Park land”

“And let’s not skew the argument between Welsh medium and English medium schools. We live in Wales, and schooling in all schools should be bilingual and not segregated. That would cut down on the infrastructure needed, and give all young people a fuller education.”

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