Selling Nature Short for the M4

21 April 2016

Gwent Wildlife Trust today received a compulsory purchase order for a section of Magor Marsh on the Gwent levels in order to start building the contentious M4 Relief road ‘Black Route’.

Pippa Bartolotti, Wales Green Party Candidate for Newport West and lead list Candidate for South Wales East said, “This is completely out of order. The Gwent Levels must be protected at all costs. This M4 proposal will keep Wales in the Dark Ages of pollution and congestion. What Newport needs is a top class light rail system to get people off the roads and into a sustainable future fit for our children."

The Gwent levels were formed as mitigation measures to offset the damage to the environment caused by the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Pippa Bartolotti added. “The phrase ‘build it and they will come’ has never been truer than in the case of roadbuilding.

“The Welsh Government know they should be reducing carbon and protecting wildlife, yet they run in the opposite direction. No amount of electric cars will make up for the depletion of the levels if this scheme goes ahead. The government should instead be putting the £1.2 billion into the low impact light rail system which has been on the drawing board for years.

“ The Industrial Revolution ushered an era of zero respect for the natural world. 300 years later we have started to show a little respect for the natural world, but this threat to the Gwent levels shows the Welsh Government have learned nothing.”

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